Sunday, December 29, 2013

The sentence I most dread: Can you leave me a professional rating?

The sentence I most dread in business social media: "Can you leave me a professional rating?"

As I write this, I am connected to 7,272 connections across several platforms. Yet, too people who ask me to talk about them are people who have blindly connected to me and then ask me what I think of them.

Face it: If I don't know you, then how can I review you?

For those of you will persist and clog my in box with requests, here's a blanket endorsement:  "I like you. I stand here and behold the inner goodness with in you. I support you in having powerful and prosperous professional relationships." If you give me a mailing address, I will send you a certificate that explains this for all to see and a gold star for your forehead.

But I can't say anything specific and won't rate you on a one to ten scale because frankly, I am not aware of your work, work ethic or your output. I can't offer a fair assessment, and I'm not comfortable with you paying someone's make a million dollar web scheme for me to tell you this.

If you want a fair assessment, get to know me and let me know you by your deeds.