Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Stop thinking outside the box - Stuff that box as full as you can.

Stop using the worn out cliché ‘thinking outside the box.’  When dealing in business with clients, co-workers, and prospects, commit to stuffing their box as full as you can. Show them you can totally handle their needs and problems better than anyone else can.

Focus your attention on creating and demonstrating an effective personal solution that leaves no room whatsoever for questions, doubt, debate or uncertainty.  Don’t come up with some ultra-creative solution that clouds their judgment, casts doubt or distracts them from their goal.  Feel free to bring to their problems your solutions using use new ideas and innovation. Build on the success and good feeling from past performance.  Ultimately, you need to take their box that surrounds their needs and stuff it as full of your solutions as effectively as you possibly can.

As you would fill their box for shipping, make your solution seem air tight without any gaps, waste or excess room. Don’t let the possibility for uncertainty, doubt, or differences in personality take the place of presenting an effective answer that delivers precisely what your decision maker ultimately wants based upon your competence, effectiveness and ability to execute. Deliver a better idea by giving your audience the peace of mind solutions for which they asked.

Leave no room for doubt, by stuffing their box as full as you can.