Wednesday, October 24, 2012

One easy step to increase the power, presence and persuasiveness of how you communicate.

Here's the easiest trick when writing to insure that you are clear and accurate each and every time you write. Give every noun (person, place or thing) you ever write on the dignity of calling it by its proper name.

Even using slang or jargon is better than using a word like "things." No matter what you talk about, share the real identification of what something is or is not. 

Objects in nature are often major victims of holding back. An evergreen and an oak are very different trees, as are poplars, willows, birches and redwoods. Too many writers opt for trees.

Let's look at this:

Car is so-so. Sports car is better. 2012 Lamborghini Aventador tells you that you better have $380K worth of cash to get all this performance out of the dealer's parking lot.

Cloth is so-so. Fabrics is better. Crisp wool suit that's finished, but not too tight in a look that goes from office to after work tells you just how you look and feel in the outfit. (I'm not a fashionista, so I had to ask someone who is about  this one.)

In business, word economy in communications is cherished by most readers.  When you focus your words like a red, hot laser beam, your message is clear and accurate ... and hits the target.

Increase the power, presence and persuasiveness of how you communicate - Name names. This will also increase your brain power as well.

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