Friday, December 30, 2011

Taking Stock For 2012 Through A Professional Inventory

I spoke this morning (12/29/11) on the Entrepreneur's Network radio show with Ike Engelbaum. I wanted to just quickly share some thoughts about the idea of a personal inventory.

If you had a storehouse full of half open packages on shelves, sealed boxes on pallets and other unmarked items, you would want to know what you have before you go to market. That is a physical inventory of your business.

As complex people who have much going on both personally and professionally, this is an effective tool to reflect back and look forward. This specific technique is borrowed from the numerous 12-step programs. But you can also see it in several spiritual practices as well.

PLEASE Don't over think this -  just sit down and write it. The right things will come to mind. Write down goals, successes and disappointments. Think about what do did right and on what you want to improve. You don't need a specific form or format. Spiral notebooks, legal pads and hardbound journal books all work just fine for it.

The key to this, as is the the key to all writing, is to start. Write as much as you can. Let your hand flow across the page. Don't let things stop you or interrupt you. Write until you have nothing else to say.

If things come out about relationships or other areas of your life, this is OK. We are whole persons. Look for patterns in what you right. If you have a lot of successes listed, but they aren't fulfilling; this may mean you aren't challenging yourself. If you have a lot of loose ends that need tying up; perhaps you start a lot but have issues bringing things to completion or their are barriers between you and completion. Patterns will emerge if you are willing to see them.

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