Friday, January 17, 2014

News that's not outrageous, but mock-rageous.

Rupert Murdoch is reported to have said that "News is Free, But Journalism Costs Money."  If press releases and tabloid reports of the comings and goings and flashings and showings of twenty-somethings is what now constitutes news, we have definitely gone broke.

I am publically calling out celebu-tants, reality TV personalities, high image recording artists of various degrees of talent, shock jocks, bloggers and all nature of people who believe that being totally outrageous and self serving is the key to your success. I will not fill space here with their names. You know the people about whom I'm writing. Talking about their sexual escapades, party habits, anti-social behavior and poor fills all manor of websites, TV shows, tabloids and any other communications methods.

You are not outrageous. I deem you as mock-rageous. We live in a time where we have to stop pretending that we can fill our minds with all this mock-ragious behavior, and we need to put our thoughts about solving problems that can aid us all.
Outrageous is when gas prices go up 30 cents in a week because we can't build a secure networks of pipelines that don't rupture and leak every six months. Outrageous is making our food with less and less nutritional ingredients and more and more chemicals because we think that this will make it last on the shelf an extra few months. Outrageous is forgetting how far we have come with research, technology and invention in just the last 100 years, and then not challenging ourselves that we have so much further to go.

We need to focus our thoughts and actions towards solving real problems. I challenge you to invent something, write or draw something, re-engineer a process you use or dare to do something  absolutely different.